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Australian solicitor busted for fare dodging
10 March 2017
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An Australian solicitor has admitted to the Law Society and a tribunal that he fraudulently used a travel concession pass for six years. However, he has not been barred from practising as a lawyer.

Sydney lawyer Thomas Cahill obtained a public transport pass intended for the Australian Defence Force, which he fraudulently used between 2008 and 2014. He was eventually caught by police, and decided to voluntarily disclose the matter to the Law Society.

Cahill has now appeared before the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal for the offence, and confessed that he knowingly misused the card.

  An artful dodger with the wrong travel pass, yesterday
The Law Society initially sought to strike Cahill's name from the roll of solicitors. However, it had a change of heart and withdrew the application in favour of the solicitor having to comply with other orders detailed in a consent instrument.

The tribunal said that Cahill's behaviour was "disgraceful and dishonourable". But it said that there was "some force" in Cahill's argument that he used the card for "convenience rather than in order to achieve financial gain". Hmmm. The tribunal slapped Cahill with a fine of AUD5,000 plus costs.

Cahill, who may count himself lucky to not be struck off, expressed remorse and shame for his conduct.


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