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Lawyer leaves millions to animal charity in her will
03 March 2017
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A New Zealand lawyer who gifted millions of New Zealand dollars in her will to an animal charity has had an animal centre named after her.

Margaret Doucas was a leading patent lawyer with Wellington firm Henry Hughes, Patent & Trademark Attorneys. She was also a lifelong supporter of the Wellington branch of the Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals.

Doucas, who had no children, died suddenly last year and left a huge amount of money to the SPCA. Her bequest included one million dollars to pay off the shortfall of an outstanding loan to build a new animal facility. Doucas also left further money to the charity to fund ongoing operations.

  A dapper resident, as featured on SPCA's website, welcomes the funds

Theresa Gattung, Wellington SPCA board chairwoman and friend of Doucas has announced that the charity has decided to rename the new animal centre the "Margaret Doucas Animal Hospital". Gattung said that Doucas was a "very well-loved figure in Wellington and her generous legacy will benefit future generations of animal lovers".


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anonymous user
03/03/2017 18:57
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What a great story to brighten the weekend .... always nice when people remember animals ??????

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