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Man jailed for pretending to be a lawyer
24 February 2017
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An Australian man has been jailed for pretending to be a solicitor.

Nicholas Braid, a former industrial relations advisor for the local government in Queensland, held a law degree but was not admitted to practise as a lawyer. However, he passed himself off as a solicitor and some legal work was referred to him from a genuine lawyer. Braid then worked for a client whose son needed legal representation on an industrial law matter. The fake lawyer charged the client AUD2500 which included drafting a letter of demand and submitting forms to the Fair Work Commission.

Braid also created a website for his made-up firm "NB Associates" which falsely stated that he was a qualified lawyer.

He finally got to attend court, although sadly for him it was as a defendant after his ruse was discovered and he was hauled before the Brisbane Magistrates Court. Braid tried to underplay his actions by claiming that he had merely created a "false impression". However, that didn't wash with the presiding judge who said “You went out of your way to hold yourself out to be a lawyer and to be operating a law firm.

  Braid tried to look relaxed when the Law Society came knocking
The judge sentenced Braid to three months in jail, and slapped him with a fine of AUD2500 in restitution to the victim and costs to the Legal Services Commission.


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