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Tailor sends "penis shirt" to lawyer
17 February 2017
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A lawyer in Australia has been sent a shirt decorated with ejaculating penises from her tailor, after a legal spat.

Perth lawyer Francesca Bucolo of Richard Rowick Commercial Lawyers sued LGFG Fashion House last year, claiming that a AUD 2,000 tailored suit by the company was two sizes too big. She argued that the item of clothing was not made to a reasonable standard "taking into account the price". LGFG Fashion House settled out of court by offering Bucolo a 50% refund on the suit and five free tailored shirts.

However LFGF offered more than was agreed under the terms of the settlement. An LGFG staff member hand delivered the five free shirts to Bucolo's office last week (three months after settlement), along with a sixth shirt designed with images of multi-coloured penises. The LGFG staffer told Bucolo that it was a personal gift from the company's president. Bucolo was furious. However, it is not known whether the shirt was a good fit this time.

  The lawyer: Francesca Bucolo
The company president: Dimitry Toukhcher
  The gift: penis shirt

LGFG Fashion House president Dimitry Toukhcher told Australian newspaper Perth Now that he sent the penis shirt as retaliation for Bucolo bullying his staff. However the recipient lawyer told the Daily Mail Australia "I'm absolutely not a bully, how I could bully a multinational company is beyond me.' Bucolo said of the shirt "I'm a bit disheartened that people can be so juvenile ... I don't think this sort of thing should be acceptable in a professional environment".


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anonymous user
17/02/2017 13:25
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Please tell me where I can get one of those shirts
anonymous user
17/02/2017 23:22
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I need one!

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