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Defendant calls magistrate a "d***head"
03 February 2017
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An Australian defendant has called a magistrate a "dickhead" in court. It has not gone down well.

21 year old Zachary Hunt was appearing via video-link from a correctional facility in Townsville, Queensland, before magistrate Damien Dwyer. Hunt was charged with multiple offences including disqualified driving, failing to stop a motor vehicle, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and four counts of stealing. Intent on adding another charge to the list, Hunt said "cheers dickhead” to the magistrate as the case adjourned.

The magistrate asked the silver-tongued charmer to repeat himself, and Hunt clarified “I said cheers dickhead”.

  How it's likely to end up 

Dwyer has ordered that Hunt appear before him in person where he could be charged with contempt of court. Hunt will now have to take a 400km trip from the correctional facility in Townsville to the Mackay court. It may not be the most enjoyable road trip as Hunt will be travelling in handcuffs under the supervision of police with tasers, since officers allege that he made threats to them.

Hunt is not the only sweary defendant to have mouthed off in court in recent times.


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