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Property agent loses licence for posting poo to lawyer
03 February 2017
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A property agent in New Zealand has lost his licence for sending poo in the post to a lawyer.

In 2014, property agent Grant Tucker fell out with his former employer, Custom Residential, and its lawyer David Beard of Legal Street law firm. Tucker let his negative feelings towards the two parties be known by sending them strongly worded letters, along with sanitary pads, condoms and faeces.

The Auckland District Court fined Tucker in 2015 for the dirty mail. And the Real Estates Agents Tribunal has now also tried to wipe its hands clean of Tucker by recently cancelling his real estate licence, and slapping him with a NZD 7000 fine.

  Really hope it's a cup cake this time

At the tribunal hearing, Custom Residential and Beard also tried to claim NZD 200,000 each in legal costs and compensation from Tucker, for hurt, humiliation, distress and loss to their reputation. As well as the cost of rubber gloves and an incinerator, presumably. However, the tribunal has said that an award for those claims was outside its remit.


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