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Man appears in court for spraying toy gun around McDonald's
27 January 2017
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A New Zealand court has fined a man for firing his toy Nerf gun in a McDonald's restaurant.

Jacob Martin Geels became cross when he didn't receive the chicken nuggets that he'd ordered. He jumped on the counter and started spraying foam bullets from his Nerf gun around the McDonald's.

Geels was ordered to appear in the Greymouth District court. The police prosecutor told the court that whilst Geels "thought it was funny", it was actually "quite scary" for those at the scene, since people there "could have easily thought an armed robbery was in progress".

Geel's defence lawyer admitted that his client did a "deeply stupid" act, however he added that it was a bright fluorescent "plastic toy" that could only shoot foam pellets.


In his mind, he was a dead spit for Scarface

The presiding judge accepted that it was a prank, but still gave the 22 year old defendant a ticking off telling him that he should think more carefully about how he behaves "particularly with what is happening in the world at the moment". The judge slapped Geels with a $100 NZD fine for disorderly behaviour. 


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