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Law firm manager jailed for stealing $2.1million from firm
27 January 2017
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A former law firm office manager from Western Australia has been jailed for stealing $2.1m from the firm's trust accounts.

Maria Gloria Camarda was working at Fremantle law firm Frank Unmack and Cullen, when she siphoned the huge sum from two of the firm's trust accounts between 2007 to 2015. Camarda wrote a total of 379 cheques to herself during that period which she paid into her bank account.  She spent the money on her mortgage, clothes and to fund a gambling habit.

Maria Gloria Camarda - got away with it whilst the firm took its eyes off the ball.


The firm discovered the theft last year and reported the matter to the police. Judge Michael Bowden said that she had a history of a gambling addiction and visited a casino in Perth several times a week. The judge said that she had "clearly betrayed" the position of trust given to her at the firm. Camarda pleaded guilty in court, and her defence lawyer said she had suffered stress and depression because of the case.

Camarda was sentenced to six and a half years in prison, and ordered to serve at least four and a half years before she could be considered for parole. 


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