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The Glamorous Solicitor 2016: Winner unveiled
20 January 2017
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The Glamorous Solicitor of 2016 competition has been a hard-fought battle between monocled, sweaty-locked, and pouty contenders. But it's now time for RollOnFriday to draw stumps on the spectacle.

The votes have been counted without any Russian diplomatic incident, and James Cudmore of MacLean Law in Vancouver has emerged as the worthy winner with 24.26% of the vote. Here he is at the coronation:


Mark W. Benjamin was just pipped to the top spot, with 23.93% of the vote, which makes him the second U.S. patriot in recent times bested by a pussy-grabber.


And walrus Gary Green finally got your attention, as he claimed bronze with 16.17% of the vote.


RollOnFriday contacted Cudmore for comment but have not received a reply. He may be more easily reached at

Please keep sending in your Glamorous Solicitor nominations. It's back to business next week as a fresh batch of lawyers commence their campaigns for the 2017 title.


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