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Exclusive: Crabs overrun law firm
13 January 2017
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An Australian law firm's kitchen was overrun with crabs this Christmas.

An insider at Kemp Strang told RollOnFriday that a partner in the Sydney office purchased live mud crabs ahead of the Christmas festivities and stored them in the office kitchen. In an entirely foreseeable development, the crabs escaped. They were subsequently discovered by terrified staff "wandering around the kitchen". 

  Managing Partner Michael Joseph grabs a biscuit

In short order a slightly bizarre email was circulated to all staff, which called for "whoever purchased the crabs to return to the Level 16 kitchen to capture them".

How the email might have looked.  A RollOnFriday reconstruction.

It is not known if the partner took on the infestation or if mud crabs are still scuttling about, as a spokeswoman for the firm declined to comment.


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