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Asia-Pacific review of the year
23 December 2016
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As a side dish to the annual review, here's a round-up of the best and most bizarre Asia-Pacific legal stories of the year.

January to March

The year kicked off with the principled matter of a law student fighting the system to try to use a penis drawing as his official signature. A couple of KWM lawyers jumped ship early in the year: one left to set up a hangover clinic, while another quit to make tiny furniture. Meanwhile, an Australian lawyer mistook himself for Kim Kardashian on social media. Whilst Slater & Gordon's annus horribilis began as it revealed sky-high losses.

April to June
Continuing the misery, Slater & Gordon's GC quit after just seven weeks. Also quitting, a Squire PB associate claimed sexism and crazy hours led her to leave her $400k job. In Australia, husband and wife HogLove partner team expanded the family.  Up in the air, a DLA Piper tried to find love on an aeroplane. And a couple of chaps who you may not wish to spend a long-haul flight with: a very aggressive lawyer, and a Stephenson Harwood Trainee who lamped a partner. Meanwhile a defendant called a judge a c***. Whilst one judge slammed barristers for wearing wigs. Over in Hong Kong a lawyer landed in hot water for taking a selfie in court.


July to September
A bonkers firm created a Dungeon Masters website. And it was alleged that dirty money was washed through Shearman & Sterling to make Wolf of Wall Street. Also hooked on Hollywood, a defendant called on Jurassic Park in a desperate plea. And another film featured as a court ordered that Tolkein rings that infringed copyright be destroyed, but sadly not in the fires of Mordor. Burning bright, a Hogan Lovells lawyer carried the Olympic torch.

October to December
A top Bell Gully partner turned up in an associate's hotel room. Almost as disturbing, Herbert Smith Freehills taught lawyers how to laugh. Going for laughs, a lawyer was discovered moonlighting as a YouTube comedian. At NRF, an associate sued the firm for injury caused by partner bullying. KWM partners were handed a lifeline to decide whether to save the firm or shaft it. They opted to shaft. In more welcome news, Hogan Lovells launched gender transitioning training for staff. Trying to grab headlines, a firm claimed to have created a robot lawyer (which was sadly neither robot nor lawyer). And the silly season got off to a bang, as an Ince associate walloped a Kennedys partner.


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