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Man walked 1,000 km in 20 trips to attend court
09 December 2016
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A man has walked 1,000 km in 20 trips over a period of two years to attend Dubai court proceedings. Which would have given him impressive statistics if he was wearing a Fitbit.

Jagannathan Selvaraj, a resident in the Middle East, attended the Dubai court over 20 times in order to obtain a flight ticket to return to his home country, India. Selvaraj had to make the one way journey of 22km (more than a half marathon) to attend the Labour court proceedings, and then head back to his lodgings afterwards. He didn't have money for a bus or taxi to make the commute, and so spent about four hours walking to and from court for his hearings.

Hollow words in comparison

Selvaraj's mission became known to an Indian minister, Sushma Swaraj , who monitored his progress and provided updates on social media. Swaraj tweeted this week:  “We have brought him back to India and sent him to his village. He went up and down to the court 20 times over a year. That made it 1,000 km.” Makes the arduous Law Society 10km seem like a walk in the park.


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