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Australian government appoints first woman as high court Chief Justice
09 December 2016
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The Australian government has appointed Susan Kiefel as Chief Justice, the first woman to head the high court of Australia.

Kiefel dropped out of school at 15 and started her career as a legal secretary, whilst completing her high school exams part time. She later rose to prominence in the legal profession, becoming a QC in 1987, the first woman in Queensland to do so. In 1993 she became the first woman to be appointed a judge of the supreme court of Queensland.  Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull led the plethora of glowing comments about Kiefel saying that her story was "an inspiration".

  Susan Kiefel

Attorney general, George Brandis, also took time out from deleting old messages on his phone to say that Kiefel's career was a study in merit-based advancement, adding that she would be "a great leader of the court".

Kiefel said that she was "deeply honoured" and would "work to uphold the importance of the high court as an institution in our society and to maintain its independence".  She replaces Robert French who will retire from the bench in January.


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