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Lawyer found guilty of driving car into removal man
02 December 2016
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A New Zealand court had found a lawyer guilty of dangerous driving for reversing her car into a removal man working for her ex-husband.

Auckland lawyer Natalie Tabb drove home in June last year to find her ex-husband shifting furniture into a removal truck. Tabb blocked the driveway with her car. A two-hour standoff ensued. The removal men tried to break the impasse by driving the truck around Tabb's car. However, Tabb reversed her car into removal man Thomas McAndrew, who was directing the truck. The collision broke McAndrew's finger and injured his hip.

Tabb blinked first 

Tabb's lawyer told the Auckland District Court that her client feared she was in danger when she saw the truck heading down the driveway, adding that McAndrew might have been in Tabb's blind spot.

The Crown Prosecutor argued that Tabb had acted aggressively even though there was no imminent danger to her. The prosecutor said the truck was not heading towards Tabb but was veering left off the driveway to drive over a small garden.

The court found Tabb guilty of dangerous driving causing injury.


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