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The RollOnFriday in-house lawyer survey is OPEN
09 December 2016
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If you're an in-house lawyer, the RollOnFriday survey is an opportunity for you to recognise those law firms that get things right, and those that don't.

Let RollOnFriday know how firms are dealing with costs in these uncertain times. In last year's survey, one in-house lawyer said they had to fork out for drinks when they met up with a partner who "claimed to have mislaid his wallet". Another respondent revealed that a certain firm kept a lid on costs by requiring clients to pay for cans from the office fridge. Whilst another client criticised a firm for scrimping on food at an event with "curly sandwiches".  And people say the miners had it tough in the '80s.

  One partner "claimed to have mislaid his wallet".  

We'd also like to hear about firms schmoozing. In last year's survey one client complained of being "stalked by a pack of partners" at an event, whilst another recoiled at having to spend "too much time with partners who remind me of my dad".

But it wasn't all bad, one out-of-breath client praised Herbert Smith Freehills for providing a personal trainer session at the gym, even though it made them realise "how horribly unfit" they were. 

Spill the beans on the good, the bad, and the fugly here.


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