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Law student fighting legal battle to use penis as his official signature
08 January 2016
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An Australian law student is fighting a legal battle to use a penis drawing as his official signature, in a good use of student time.

Jared Hyams first scrawled a cock, balls and sprouting hair for his signature on an election form as a joke, but was informed by the frowning authorities that it wouldn't be permitted. Undeterred, Hyams included the phallus for his driving licence, proof of age ID and passport, but was refused by the grey suits each time. Hyams decided to take the matter to the courts and brought a case against VicRoads regarding the driving licence, but it was thrown out twice by magistrates. The Department of Trade and Foreign Affairs also refused the image on his passport saying it was "offensive" and "could constitute sexual harrassment".

The law student said that the various refusals "sparked something" in him, perhaps the ability to time waste. He continued to submit the scribbled penis and eventually managed to sneak the signature onto various ID cards, including his driving licence when it slipped through the net.

  A principled stand of some legal significance

Hyams argues that "what a signature is comes down to the function, not the actual form" and maintains that he'll continue to fight the authorities, no doubt taking great pleasure in signing any letters to them. 


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anonymous user
20/01/2017 17:20
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If guy feels that that signature truly represents him, who are we to disagree?

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