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Used Psychology
Posted - 08 March 2018 22:31
Only good if they win and win convincingly.

But a living nightmare every step of the way.
The Wizard of Oz
Posted - 09 March 2018 01:26
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Being Trump’s lawyer would be the lawyering equivalent of trying to push a runny kittens up a hill with a stick. Hard work, ultimately fruitless and you just want to keep from getting anything on you.
Le Chiffre
Posted - 09 March 2018 02:07
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McGahn isn't Trump's lawyer - he's the WH lawyer - very important distinction. Word is he has already had a chat with Mueller
Posted - 09 March 2018 06:40
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Ty Cobb is trump’s lawyer. I imagine he’s on a whopping retainer plus he knows where all the bodies are buried.

And what Le C said
Capt Haddock
Posted - 09 March 2018 07:12
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Agree on McGahn, Chiff, cook. I am sure McGahn hopes daily that Trump understood that distinction. At the moment his entire job appears to be to contain the Potus.

Cookster - not sure Cobbs knows everything. Nor do i think Cobbs wishes to. Trump likes to live his life in boxes and Cobbs might well be happy with the limited scope of the russian collusion only. McGahn probably has a thicker file.
Posted - 09 March 2018 07:56
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I hope they all fry
Posted - 09 March 2018 08:16
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I imagine being his PP lawyer is uber kittens. Even if you agree fees with him which he will then screw you over on that figure on later as he seems to do with every business he has dealings with.
Posted - 09 March 2018 08:24
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He definitely takes the piss when it comes to fees I reckon.
Capt Haddock
Posted - 09 March 2018 08:27
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In that light (and agree with that) it is amazing though that Cohen has had a bit of unfettered access. Which lawyer would pay out of his own account hush money on behalf of a client on a rolling basis.
Agree with cook's that hope they all fry and stew in some federal prison