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Slaughter and May retains 95% of trainees
15 January 2016
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Slaughter and May has announced that it will be keeping on 38 out of its 40 March qualifiers.

The 95% hit rate is up on last autumn's figure of 89% and on last spring's figure of 88%. The Chancellor may be worried about the economy in 2016 but Slaughters clearly has no such concerns. Grad Rec Partner Robert Byk said that "we are delighted that, as in previous years, our retention rate is so high. This underlines our focus on recruiting for the long term future of the firm."

Nabarro also announced that it was retaining eight out of nine qualifying trainees, a healthy 89%. The firm retained 77% of its autumn qualifiers and all of its spring qualifiers last year. Graduate Recruitment Manager, Mel Brooking, said “it is always a pleasure to see a high proportion choosing to qualify with the firm.” And Weil, Gotshal is retaining all three of its March qualifiers.

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RoF will be reporting figures from other firms as they announce over the coming few weeks. The early signs are good.

*At a generic New York law firm in 1992. Clearly even the outdoor clerk at Slaughter and May would be fired on the spot for wearing a brown suit.



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15/01/2016 09:32
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Anyone should be fired from any job for wearing a brown suit.
And brown shoes. This really irks me. I don't understand why some otherwise apparently intelligent people feel that brown shoes with a suit are ever acceptable. Ever. They're not. Sort it out.
Piper the House Elf
15/01/2016 19:33
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They never tell you about the 5% who don't make it though do they...they get a face worse than death - a life long position as a mid-level lawyer at Parabis - ARGHHHHH! THE HORROR, THE HORROR!
anonymous user
16/01/2016 12:38
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Parabis didn't have any solicitors Piper...