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Gilbert + Tobin

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Salary (Graduate): $70,000
Salary (NQ): $75,000
Salary (1PQE): $77,000
Salary (2PQE): $85,000
Salary (3PQE): $98,000
Salary (Salaried partner):

Bonus Scheme

Bonus scheme:
Typical bonus as % of salary
- NQ: %
- 1PQE: %
- 2PQE: %
- 3PQE: %
- 4PQE: %
- 5PQE: %
- Partner: %


Grant for GDL:
Grant for LPC:
Training places per year:
% of trainees retained: %

RollOnFriday Firm of the Year Scores

Salary: 98%
Development: 75%
Work/Life: 88%
Openness: 77%
Biscuits: 85%
Toilets: 75%
Social: 79%
Firm of the year overall score: 84%


Holiday allowance: Unknown
Flexi holiday:
Pension: Unknown
Maternity policy: Unknown
Target hours: Unknown
Childcare vouchers:
Gym: Unknown
Restaurant: Unknown
24 hour photocopying support:
24 hour secretarial support:
Other: Unknown


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