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Posted - 21 April 2017 14:32
Or maybe this unified 'metropolitan elite' idea is just a load of b0llocks invented by brexiter types?
ReggiePerrin is voting Lib Dem
Posted - 21 April 2017 14:33
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Hanners, you're probably right that Labour are going to get hammered, but seriously, a Harrow council by-election??
248 sleeps till Christmas
Posted - 21 April 2017 14:44
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SumoHandWringer published weekly council by-election updates when he argued it proved Remoaners were on the march.

What's sauce for the goose...
pancake humper
Posted - 21 April 2017 14:48
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The metropolitan elite definitely exists, we have membership cards and everything.
Sigh of the Oppressed
Posted - 21 April 2017 14:57
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Interesting. It was earlier this week that Mr Farron was pointing at council by-elections as proof of how it's glorious springtime for the LibDems.

Seems like some of the posters here should have a word with him (what would he know after all? He probably doesn't even realise that Laz is now his leader).
248 sleeps till Christmas
Posted - 21 April 2017 15:25
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"If Richmond happens across the south of England you right wing tedes are sunk."


But it won't.

old git roundabout
Posted - 21 April 2017 15:26
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Harrow - do you mean Metropolitan Line elite?
Patience Groove
Posted - 21 April 2017 15:31
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Nobody other than political obsessive shot in council by-elections ffs
ReggiePerrin is voting Lib Dem
Posted - 21 April 2017 15:32
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One Term Terry in More Trouble Than She Thinks?
248 sleeps till Christmas
Posted - 21 April 2017 15:35
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Jethro - I think the LibDems will double their representation, to a mighty 16 or 18 seats.
Posted - 21 April 2017 15:57
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surely you all know this is going to be a massacre and the tories will win a huge majority? There is almost literally no other outcome likely
Patience Groove
Posted - 21 April 2017 16:01
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Yes I do know that - it is more than unfortunate that at a time when the Tories have spent the last 2 years destroying the country's future and will continue to do so the other parties have leaders who are basically unelectable
Posted - 21 April 2017 16:02
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According to the Harrow Council website there are 64 councillors.

33 Labour
27 Conservative
2 Independent
1 Lib Dem

I'm sure the LibDem candidate will be devastated by their poor showing but then again, the revolution was probably never going to start in Harrow. Or at least not for the Liberal Democrats.
Posted - 21 April 2017 18:24
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Of course it will be a Tory landslide, the only question is by how much.

Of course Labour will have an appalling result, worse than 1983 easily.

But the idea a Harrow by election matters is hilarious as I'm sure the OP knows.

The LD's will I think be able to mobilise quite a lot of the Remain vote, and in the South/South West will take plenty of votes from the Tories as well as Labour.

How well they do prob depends on how much Labour implodes. Paradoxically if Labour collapse completely during the campaign (quite likely) the LD's are likely to do better as the soft Tory pro Remain voters can then happily vote LD knowing May will get a decent majority anyhow.

I think 40 seats minimum for the Lib Dems, maybe even 50-60.