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Father CYPmas
Posted - 21 April 2017 09:40
German police have arrested a 28-year-old German-Russian national on suspicion of having carried out the explosives attack on the Borussia Dortmund football team in order to collapse the club’s share price so he could profit from stock market speculation.

Sergej W was arrested by special operation officers on his way to work at 6am on Friday. On the day of the attack, 11 April, he had bought a put option on Borussia Dortmund’s shares, giving him the right to sell the shares for a specified price at a predetermined date.

Had the explosives killed a member of the team and the club’s share price dropped, the value of his put option - an option to sell assets at an agreed price on or before a particular date - would have increased significantly.
Posted - 21 April 2017 09:41
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old git roundabout
Posted - 21 April 2017 09:43
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was he intending to stash the loot in Monaco?
Father CYPmas
Posted - 21 April 2017 09:44
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Guardian, Independent, BBC, CNN, FT all reporting
old git roundabout
Posted - 21 April 2017 09:46
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sheds possible new light on the Munich air crash
Father CYPmas
Posted - 21 April 2017 10:06
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I think they should replay the first leg. A deliberate attempt by an outside force to alter the outcome of a football match for financial gain...