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Posted - 21 April 2017 08:17
What an absolute fvcking shower.

Off you fvck Truss, you Daily Mail lackey
Budgie Quay
Posted - 21 April 2017 08:40
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Great news - lets keep the focus on income taxes. Tax hard workers who might break into our upper middle preserves!
Coracle Lolling
Posted - 21 April 2017 09:37
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It's genuinely fascinating how many upper middle aged people are happy to watch workers

I wondered where you were going with this after your previous line about snuff films.
Posted - 21 April 2017 09:43
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'Great news - lets keep the focus on income taxes. Tax hard workers who might
break into our upper middle preserves!'

The point is that this is govt. that has got into power on the basis that it was going to cut inheritance tax. These fees are not genuine fees - they are a tax by another name and the HOC select committee has said as much. If you are going to introduce a tax you need to come out and say so, not pretend that you are the party cutting IHT.

I don't object at all to IHT by the way, just the shoddy nature of the way they have introduced it and the arrogance of trying to railroad it through.

So many chavs think that they will pay IHT as well, with their £250k 'aaas and Ford Modeo. Fvcking idiots.
Posted - 21 April 2017 09:48
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There was a very good chance those fees broke the law as Parliament sets taxes not the Government.
Posted - 21 April 2017 10:00
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Please excuse my ignorance of this area of law (although ignorance of the law has never been an obstacle for many posters) but could be argued that in most cases the need to obtain a grant from the Court is just unnecessary bureaucracy. Why not just send the necessary tax forms direct to HMRC and declare to them that all taxes etc have been paid and then distribute the estate?

I will now await a torrent of abuse from ROF probate lawyers calling me a fvcking idiot....
Posted - 21 April 2017 10:13
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A grant of representation is required to sell property in the name of the deceased and close any accounts in their name – in essence it is the court granting authority to the executors to deal with the estate
Posted - 21 April 2017 10:30
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Budgie Quay
Posted - 21 April 2017 10:58
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All taxes nowadays are introduced shoddily. Manifesto commitments not to raise income taxes simply become NI tweaks or reductions of allowances - which have exactly the same effect as increasing income taxes on earners. The whole political process is so damned mendacious that frankly I dont give a kittens how a tax comes about as long as it is directed in a fair and effecticive manner.

Seeing as almost all taxes are unfairly aimed at income earners rather than the wealthy I tend to be permanently disappointed...!
Posted - 21 April 2017 13:10
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I think Lyds is on the right lines. If this policybhad been introduced by the Treasury rather than Truss it might have been more honest. It is not the job of Truss to be faffing around with taxes.

There was something a couple of years ago that seemed to be a curb on immigration that came from somewhere other than the Home Office and at the time it struck me that that was wrong and in the end it led to another U turn.
Posted - 21 April 2017 13:20
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It's a huge issue of our time. The Great (unrepeal) Repeal Bill which will give provisional validity to EU laws in the UK which is fine and the only practical solution. However the process then to abolish them is proposed to be done by the Government not parliament. We certainly need to keep a check on what is happening as that bill goes through.

Anyone seen if Digital Tax from 2018 has also been halted (part of the Finance Bill) (HMRC does not have the IT/software ready etc but wants to press ahead). Accountants, farmers, the HL and many others want it stopped or delayed.