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Wangpain for real ale
Posted - 20 April 2017 19:27

My record is cardiff to clapham (had over celebrated england's victory at the millenium and missed last train). About 120 quid i think.
Asturias es mi patria
Posted - 20 April 2017 20:06
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Once hired a coach to get 12 of us back from a jolly in Barcelona to a channel port at the time of the Icelandic volcano that grounded EVERYTHING

Gijon to the south coast by taxi is mental

Alsa would probably get it done in the same time for a quarter of the cost (max)

Good on them for the fair though

Ask bro in law if the fare came from Lepe?
Asturias es mi patria
Posted - 20 April 2017 20:14
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Like I said good for him but sounds like panic to me

There are better options I did Valencia to Madrid in under 2 hours by train earlier this week (600 km)
Biff does Ballet
Posted - 20 April 2017 20:34
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I once had one from Paddington to Clapham.
Jon Snow
Posted - 20 April 2017 22:01
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£120 from Cardiff to Clapham sounds very cheap. It costs me that much to get to Heathrow from South London.
Posted - 20 April 2017 22:13
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heh @ Os
January Sails
Posted - 21 April 2017 08:44
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Jon who are you using as I can recommend my local firm who do Heathrow for about £25 from Balham?

Anyone else think that this fare is clearly drug related? Someone in Spain who needs to get a ship to Mexico in a hurry...
Blue Box
Posted - 21 April 2017 09:13
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Bari to Rome for €500 due to an airport strike.
Jon Snow
Posted - 21 April 2017 10:00
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That's in a black cab when I haven't been organised enough to get a minicab Saill, but good minicab recommendations are welcome as my local firm is sh1t.
January Sails
Posted - 21 April 2017 10:15
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5,000 or 9,000 Cars have always been pretty reliable from Balham. Think it's the same company behind both of them but they've both got offices by the station.
Martian Law
Posted - 21 April 2017 10:16
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An Uber from Shoreditch to Clapham is about £120 after midnight on a Saturday
Miss T!
Posted - 21 April 2017 10:35
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Back when I was young and cool and shagging a rock star, I got a black taxi to Manchester with him to play a gig

Think it was near £1k
January Sails
Posted - 21 April 2017 10:37
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True Analyst but I just find the combination of urgency and destination a little suspect.
Mr Nonsekwita
Posted - 21 April 2017 11:56
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I once got one from the office up to Piccadilly when it was raining and I had a heavy bag. About £5.40 it was if I remember right. Never again; I had no money for Greggs the next day.
Posted - 21 April 2017 12:32
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I had a mate who went out drinking whilst attending the Tory Party conference in Manchester.

Got an Uber and asked the driver to take him "home" but was so drunk he forgot to specify he meant "i.e. to my hotel in Central Manchester".

Promptly fell asleep in the back.

Woke up next day with a raging hangover in his flat in Clapham. Took him a few minutes to realise all his things were still in a hotel a few hundred miles North.

Uber bill was a few hundred quid.

Brother Mouzone
Posted - 21 April 2017 13:20
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That got in the press, didn't it NW?

Got a paid-for cab back from Cardiff to Hertfordshire once - was recording something on television (!) and finished too late to allow me to get back by train.

In terms of paid for, longest was Flitwick in Bedfordshire to NW London - got pi**ed, assumed Thameslink was running all night. It wasn't. Also had to get one back from Petersfield to Guildford within my first week as a trainee when I drunkenly overslept my stop. But Flitwick-London's got to be further.
Posted - 21 April 2017 13:35
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I did South Anjuna Beach to Mumbai airport (still called Bombay then) when some utter knob local travel agent took my $17 to confirm my flight and promptly failed to do so
566km, overnight drive