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Martian Law
Posted - 20 April 2017 11:39
I've heard mixed reviews from friends that have been recently. Looks amazing
Posted - 20 April 2017 11:40
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Love it
Posted - 20 April 2017 11:41
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I've been
I was safe, nothing bad happened (sunglasses stolen only) but we did what we were told about avoiding certain areas etc. Same as anywhere really.
Posted - 20 April 2017 11:41
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been with work. was good fun, would like to go again on holiday.

maybe we could go together Abs?
Posted - 20 April 2017 11:43
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Its a very vibrant culture, very un british. Beach based, big waves, sexuality, sun, etc. Food is hit and miss
Posted - 20 April 2017 11:49
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Wellers, what would your wife say ?