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old git roundabout
Posted - 20 April 2017 09:09
Posted - 20 April 2017 09:12
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I've been to Zedels quite a lot, tbh.
Not Too Fussy
Posted - 20 April 2017 09:16
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another vote for Zedel

or could go off-menu Joe Allen afterwards
Robert Lucas
Posted - 20 April 2017 09:27
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Les cha-cha-cha than Zedel, but I like Loch Fyne. Really fresh fish and really dry white wine, then an expresso, hard to go wrong.
Posted - 20 April 2017 09:33
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You realise Loch Fyne is a chain restaurant, right? What next, Aberdeen Angus Steak House?

I despair.
Posted - 20 April 2017 09:34
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Posted - 20 April 2017 10:12
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Posted - 20 April 2017 10:19
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Booked somewhere down Northumberland Avenue. It's on the Monopoly board. I like places on the Monopoly board.

Chz all.