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Not Too Fussy
Posted - 20 April 2017 09:01
nah, they'd have seen calves suckling and babies being breastfed

go have a coffee, I think you need to wake up properly
Posted - 20 April 2017 09:01
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unlikely fussers.

more likely to be some kind of kinky sechs practice or a hilarious bantz lad bet
Not Too Fussy
Posted - 20 April 2017 09:02
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silly me

it is obviously me that isn't awake yet
Posted - 20 April 2017 09:56
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was nearly as brave as the first person to eat a chickens egg ...
Wangpain for real ale
Posted - 20 April 2017 10:14
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What about the first person to milk a . That's just sick.
Posted - 20 April 2017 10:29
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Milking horses came first. The Steppe lads mixed it with horse blood to make a nutritious drink or let it ferment to make some delicious alcoholic beverage back in the day.

Also, coffee roasting was accidental and the beans were originally roasted because the smell was pleasant, the drink came ages afterwards.