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who is your favourite person on Twitter?
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Posted - 20 March 2017 17:05

Jamie Ross cos he is v lol and makes Scottish politics interesting but keeps things light (and seems about as unbiased as it gets)
🐤🐤🐤 3-ducks
Posted - 20 March 2017 17:07
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The Trumpster, for lols

Posted - 20 March 2017 17:54
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aw dux
Posted - 20 March 2017 17:57
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Can I follow you clerghers? how can I find you?
Posted - 20 March 2017 17:58
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I'm not there yet, jc! I will be, tonight, I am doing it

I feel anxious about tweeting in a vacuum and getting no likes
Jethro the Tubby Lutonian Goon
Posted - 20 March 2017 18:01
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Lucia Love.
Hal Incandenza
Posted - 20 March 2017 18:01
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