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Posted - 21 March 2017 08:41
I am not a football fan but he is the most impressive manager I can bring to mind. He kept his club up there and making money.
Posted - 21 March 2017 08:48
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If the board feel under pressure it will only be if the business side of things doesn't start to add up the same. They may still make the CL of course. But if they don't I'm not sure in terms of revenue streams they are as well placed as say Man United to manage as well financially without the CL revenues for long.

The other thing that may be a factor there is it is possible I guess that quite a lot of season ticket holders and/or corporates won't renew for next season if Wenger stays and they aren't in the CL.

Finding a way back might be tricky as well, as my club Liverpool have found out, what with Chelsea and Man City almost always likely to be top 4 now given the money they have, and United at a different financial level to the likes of Arsenal or Liverpool. Also with the new ground Spurs jump up a level as well, and one can see a real power shift in North London now.

The first half of Wenger's Arsenal record bears comparison with anyone Siegs IMO, but the last few years mean in no way could you compare him to say Sir Alex Ferguson now.
bananaman returns
Posted - 21 March 2017 09:44
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Sir Alex Ferguson is a much better manager, but has always had the benefit of the cash for star buys.

What people don't understand is that Kroenke isn't a money launderer and/or egotist who sees the football club as some indication of their all round brilliance so will burn cash chasing the top. US sport is generally not about winning it is just about being there and collecting the cash (e.g. the Cleveland Browns are easily the worst team in the NFL but still in the top 50 of world sports franchises). He's bought it as an investment and someone that can keep it where it is without splashing too much cash is just what he wants.

Posted - 21 March 2017 09:46
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Can't wait for them to sack him and then spend the next decade failing to to qualify for the champions league.

Arsenal fan tv in melt down