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Posted - 20 March 2017 14:54 hopeless-legal-battle-with-stepmother-a3492136.html

It's the season for it.

I like the name of the reporter.

No man is an island, but f**k me, you can spend a lot maintaining the boundary ditches...
Posted - 20 March 2017 15:03
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that opens up an even bigger can of worms though about access to justice, doesn't it?

Although they should have cut through the carp and found a way of defining a point for an early hearing
Posted - 20 March 2017 15:28
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I don't believe the brother who did not want to move out. Who is he trying to kid? He can read. The document says after a year either brother can sell up. It is not as if he will lose his half.

Thank goodness the courts are sensible.
Posted - 20 March 2017 16:03
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yes saucers - advise on. If the client still carries on, what are they supposed to do?