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Posted - 20 March 2017 09:53
Posted - 20 March 2017 10:02
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dont sell it
Posted - 20 March 2017 10:06
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here's another thing that's annoying says thread title

the handsome and suave S, King Esq posts witty picture of mirror

Obviously you just rent out the flat on a short term let that you roll over until you need to boot the tenants and move back
Posted - 20 March 2017 10:07
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(use one of those terrible agencies that take half the rent if you don't want the admin hassle)
Posted - 20 March 2017 10:20
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why do you need to rent or sell your flat?

Is it one of those Alexander McCall Smith flats?
Perfidious Porpoise
Posted - 20 March 2017 10:24
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I am not seeing anything in Sumo's mirror. Am I a vampire?
Posted - 20 March 2017 10:29
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oh, keep and rent out.