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Posted - 19 March 2017 04:55
just landed at LHR

flight home @0730ish, see mrs and sleep for a while
Posted - 19 March 2017 05:39
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then i have 2 pieces of coursework and a job application to do before i leave again on the 23rd
Posted - 19 March 2017 07:53
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in bed, drinking coffee.

will return garden shredder to parents later (had the annual wisteria prune last week). will see if my repair to the paper shredder has worked.
Posted - 19 March 2017 08:34
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Decorating an Easter bonnet
Posted - 19 March 2017 09:41
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as little as possible.
Posted - 19 March 2017 09:53
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Been for a swim now waiting for plumber - he promised to be here between 0900 and 1000...

Oh and deep fried turkey for lunch.
Pink Counterpoint
Posted - 19 March 2017 10:34
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A music weekend. Yesterday rehearsal and concert with choir and orchestra singing Haydn, Schubert, Mozart and Beethoven's Fantasia.

This afternoon begin rehearsals for Guys and Dolls.

Tonight Beauty and the Beast at our local very old cinema which hopefully, will be preceded by their organist playing on the Christie organ. The very old prices include 50p hot chocolate from the very old kiosk.
Posted - 19 March 2017 11:48
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Thre were a lot of fire engines out here -a street down last night - 5 someone said and roads closed and police and ambulances - a whole house was on fire! Luckily no one was hurt and it did not spread to other houses. At least the roof has gone though.
Posted - 19 March 2017 13:24
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Yes Os, I did not believe it was a thing but it is. Heat up a vat of peanut/vegie oil to stupid degrees (350). Lower (very, very slowly) 16 pounder into vat of boiling oil (having turned off the flame). Reignite flame, keep heat around 350 for an hour, turn off flame. Remove perfectly cooked, juicy turkey. Carve and enjoy.
Posted - 19 March 2017 13:45
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heh. Did one for Christmas, it was tremendous. Post Christmas Mrs Avi buys up disounted frozen turkeys and geese. So we have turkey/goose throughout the year. Gosh we are lucky.
Posted - 19 March 2017 19:15
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Up early to retrieve little digger from woods as having to be economically active tomorrow. Hauled out without getting stuck in mud (threads passim). Then drove spouse and son to start of long walk and rested with daughter over fry up and pint (chocolate for the girl) in seaside hotel. Joined spouse and son halfway through walk and finished up at NT cafe for tea and cake. Home to get in one of the last log batches of heating season in old tractor, attempted without much success log milling with bandsaw, and hand pollinated peach with paint brush, success tbd in a few weeks. Cleaned mould off air drying hams and wrapped in muslin for further drying. Now listening to Archers with background of daughter's clarinet practice, aroma of roast chicken coming up the stairs.
Posted - 19 March 2017 20:42
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I burnt some kittens . It was a good day for burning