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Posted - 18 March 2017 21:20
Your wife, as I'm sure you know is always the case, is right
Posted - 18 March 2017 21:25
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She's right

Portia is impossible now too
Posted - 18 March 2017 21:26
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Posted - 18 March 2017 21:31
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Right. That's the kiss of death. Bandit has blessed it.

I'm going to have to admit she was right. I hate it when this happens.
Posted - 18 March 2017 21:45
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Your logic is as good as it ever was tbf.

FAOD this has come up in a different context. Not about naming a child.
Posted - 18 March 2017 21:53
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Heh - the Hopkins reference was a nod to the inanity of second-guessing based on names...
Roscoe P. Coltrane
Posted - 19 March 2017 11:11
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The post, "RICKY!!" was of course a reference to the character called Bianca in popular soap opera Eastenders who was married to the character called Ricky and known for shouting his name in a coarse manner and in the commonest of cockney accents.

You may not associate this with the name Bianca, however, many people will and thus it may be the first thing that a prospective employer thinks of upon picking up Bianca's application and may become the basis of a nickname at school/work.
sad banta
Posted - 19 March 2017 11:43
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A Bianca in its natural habitat earlier:

Posted - 19 March 2017 14:51
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FFS - how am I supposed to know about the Eastenders thing?

You'll be telling me that some popular cultural reference has rendered the name Hermione commonplace next.
Obadiah Hakeswill
Posted - 19 March 2017 15:05
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Bianca is a friggin terrible name. It's as bad as calling your son Daryl.