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Vinnie Gambini
Posted - 19 March 2017 11:48
Free trade is a marvellous idea and has helped lift billions out of dire poverty.

However, isn't the EU an obstacle to free trade? It imposes tariffs on the rest of the world and has enacted numerous protectionist measures of its own.

In fact, Europe's hands continue to be awash with the blood of innocent Africans. Particularly those that rely on agricultural trade with the European Union.

It appears the EU only wants free trade with other white people.

sad banta
Posted - 19 March 2017 11:49
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That should keep Sergio going for a few hours
Posted - 19 March 2017 17:54
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the genie is out of the bottle and free trade is not going away. The idea that you can somehow protect yourself by throwing up big trade barriers is ridiculous, all you do is cannibalise internal consumption and pour money into the pockets of your own aristocracy

It's not surprising that the labourities and conservatives are unitied in their demands for protectionism on rof, the conservatives want anything to hit the EU with, a block that has brought down barriers between 27 countries and rolled them back significantly with a number of non members

Yeah, I get that there is an idea that africa is some big agricultural economy that is punished by the EU (most world grain comes from Russia and Ukraine) but I suspect the problems in Africa have more to do with indemnic corruption and mis management than they do with the EU's trade policy towards the continent.