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Posted - 17 March 2017 16:11
1. None of your business
2. Less than this
3. HIITs and weights 3-4 x per week
4. Lean in 15 - low carb with carbs / refuel after workout.

27 pounds lost since 1 Jan
Posted - 17 March 2017 16:20
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run 50 miles a week, climbing once, footy once
Posted - 17 March 2017 16:33
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they were really fucked after I did my one and only ultra but recovered now.

I'm either really lucky with my knees or I'm due two knee replacements in the next few years.

I do look after my knees though. do loads of yoga and get through a ridiculous number of running shoes a year
Posted - 17 March 2017 16:36
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Current 51kgs
Target 55/56kgs
Exercise Yoga and weights
Diet Pizza, wagamamas, steak, cake, chocolate etc

Posted - 17 March 2017 16:37
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I'm 35 this year
Obadiah Hakeswill
Posted - 17 March 2017 16:38
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1. 72kg
2. 72kg
3. Brisk-ish walk most days of the week - between 15 and 45 mins.
4. Balanced/Normal - no fad diets, no cutting out food groups. I rarely snack. Three decent meals a day. And the odd takeaway.
Posted - 17 March 2017 16:45
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1+2 Lose flab, regain muscle mass
3. Run + bike, will add swimming when the outside pool re-opens
4. Portion control + no booze
Posted - 17 March 2017 17:55
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1. 80kg.
2. 77kg.
3. 40km a week running.
4. Whatever I want, but no booze till Easter.
Wangpain for real ale
Posted - 17 March 2017 18:06
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1 12 stone 9 this morning (having been 14.2 at xmas)
2 That's about fine if a bit weedy
3 walking lots, lifting nippers, boxing
4 binned milk (i think this is good for a stone or more), mrs is on a suger ban so have been having cauli rice etc. Almost immediate reduction from 36 inch waist to 32 with no lowering of beer intake.
Posted - 17 March 2017 18:37
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1. Current weight - about 10 stone
2. Targetted weight - I like to be between 9 and 10 stone
3. Exercise routine - life, just general walking, lifting, children, the garden
4. Diet - I try to eat just about paleo, usually fish, meat, veg, some fruit, occasionally some bread.
Posted - 17 March 2017 18:38
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You probably need age and waist measurement on there too and height for people and perhaps gender.
Posted - 17 March 2017 19:42
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Well I'm five nine and my waist is 28 inches. I have a fat arse tho
Posted - 17 March 2017 20:23
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1. 79kg
2. 82kg
3. Swim, bike & run - around 6hrs a week at this time of year
4. A hell of a lot, but no rubbish.
Posted - 17 March 2017 20:41
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1. 71.3 kgs
2. Same, more or less. I don't sweat anything in the 70-73 range.
3. See - not exactly this, but similar - calisthenics training for a combination of flexibility, mobility and strength - 2x or 3x a week
4. Clean-ish. No strict dieting but I naturally drink very little booze. Have cut down a lot of sugar in the last few months but still something of a sweet tooth. Cut out a lot of empty carbs. Have cheat days at least once a week.
The Darce
Posted - 18 March 2017 10:20
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1. Current weight 98kg
2. Targetted weight 102kg
3. Exercise routine
Day one chest (smith machine/etc other machines - push 130kg max but do mix of heavy vs lighter more intense reps ) triceps (mainly pulley work pull downs over head pulls no idea of name ) stomach ,elliptical aerobic level 17 aim to do 400-500kg
Day two back (various machines and pull-ups on frame biceps ditto , bar bell 50kg , elliptical as above
Day three shoulders -lateral raises (standing 20-22kg dumbells ) shoulder press 110kg, vertical row 50kg pulley
Elliptical aim to do 600-700 on shoulder days
Day four legs and stomach .... squats machine ode_image_1090x614/public/media/leg-press-muscle-building-circuit-workout.jpg?itok =w-l7Hp5b put 350kg on on a good day sometimes 330... six sets of ten then move to the various lighter machines

Day five of week one 800kcal elliptical /also some cycling out when I can

4. Diet

Breakfast/ protein 50g shake berries rye toast ham eggs / egg white spinach omelette depends
Mid morning protein 50g shake sometimes some mixed nuts
Lunch - two chicken breasts or equivalent big leafy green salad chick peas pulses etc
Mid afternoon berries or satsumas
Protein shake 30g protein
Dinner protein of some kind in main dish lots of veg - can be anything lots of Thai stir fries herb salads with fish or so on, maybe a starter like garlic prawns or Asian dumplings
Occasionally slice of cake or couple of chocolates

Drink two medium glasses red wine a day couple of double espessos and water
Weally Been
Posted - 18 March 2017 10:37
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I'm 6ft 2 and normally 13 st 3 or ideally slightly less but admittedly currently am more like 13 six or seven right now

Don't bother with non cardio but maybe I should find time
Posted - 18 March 2017 12:59
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Try grenade carb killas polz they're lush
Posted - 18 March 2017 13:28
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Trombo, that would just end in you trashed in some upmarket Thai place whilst Darce looked on in pity/horror.

I haven't a scooby what weight I am but I'm happy with it regardless.

Two hours a day in gym am and pm most days with rest Sunday.
Mainly Les Mils Grit classes, HIIT and weights and core with some boxing.

Food is relatively healthy 90% of the time and low fat anyway cos of the MS diet I try to stick to.

Healthier now than I was 10 years ago. Angelic face.
Rara Avis
Posted - 18 March 2017 17:20
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Run 20k a week most weeks and just added a yoga class. Eat healthily 99 per cent of the time; never eat chocolate nor crisps but like nuts. Size 10, five six, not sure what I weigh. More of a strong build than thin.
Rara Avis
Posted - 18 March 2017 17:23
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And, yes, Bailey, gym for two hours daily is excessive!!
Posted - 18 March 2017 18:42
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So is the stress of my job so it acts as a counterbalance.

It's not two hours straight. An hour am then an hour pm. Fridays and weekends excepted. Then I do an hour Friday am and today I did 90 mins with a PT mate of mine.
Tom Magnum
Posted - 18 March 2017 20:21
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I tend to avoid bread and going mental with the carbs. Lots of meat and greens/veg/beans. Quite a lot of the time I skip breakfast. Don't eat a huge amount of sugar or chocolate, few squares of chocolate perhaps. Couple of glasses of red through the week and espresso in the mornings.

Heavy weight sessions twice a week. Sometimes a third if there's time. Own equipment.

I'm not going running like a mentalist for miles and miles if I don't have to or handing over cash to a PT. It's mostly the food you eat not the crazy cardio workouts. It's not necessary IMHO.

Posted - 19 March 2017 21:21
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And as encouragement for Rofers you might get to be as strong as this person if you keep it up

Do walk.A recent study of tribesmen - I forget which - found they walked for 6 hours a day and that was a key reason they were so healthy. Perhaps we all need walking or standing desks.
Posted - 19 March 2017 22:48
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Weights are ace. Endless cardio is for foolz