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Posted - 12 January 2017 09:48
No. HTH.
Posted - 12 January 2017 09:53
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Yes, if

(a) you're the only man in an all women team (and vv) or
(b) all the men are excluded (or all the women)


(c) it is work-related (rather than just a group of people who happen to work together are also friends outside work)

otherwise, what dusty said
Perfidious Porpoise
Posted - 12 January 2017 10:01
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But they may be able to establish that the reason you're not invited is not because of your gender but because they find you to be an annoying buzzkill?
Father CYPmas
Posted - 12 January 2017 10:05
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the females at a former workplace organised a "girls night" and got the diversity panel to allocate them a £40 a head budget. They went for cocktails up one of those skyscrapers.

The males asked for budget for a similar event and were told that there was no budget. We self-funded and went Taayabs.
Father CYPmas
Posted - 12 January 2017 16:34
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I go to those because I'm half bi...
Father CYPmas
Posted - 12 January 2017 16:46
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It's worse than that, it's my protestant half...

Tbf I've always found LGBT groups to be extremely keen to invite absolutely everyone to their events.