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Main Discussion

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Posted - 12 January 2017 09:09
Probably vibrating like the Flash right now from caffeine jitters. Have you tried vibrating your molecules through a solid wall?
Posted - 12 January 2017 09:13
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Posted - 12 January 2017 09:24
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Tbf, the great thing about Starbucks is that you can dictate exactly what you want. They sell 4 different sizes, and you can tell them how many shots you want, which then dictates how much milk goes in to top it up. 4 shots in a 600ml cup seems to be the right balance.

Better than all these Shoreditch-w*nker bars that charge you £3 for one shot with a splash of milk in a 150ml glass.
The Wizard of Oz
Posted - 12 January 2017 09:31
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The only problem, of course, is that Starbucks coffee tastes like sewage produced and then brewed by Satan himself.

There is an Australian comedian who once threw out the great line - Going to Starbucks for coffee is like going to prison for sex. You'll get it, but it'll be rough.
Posted - 12 January 2017 09:42
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Who was that? Jim Jefferies?

The Wizard of Oz
Posted - 12 January 2017 09:44
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Adam Hills
Posted - 12 January 2017 11:20
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Reminds me of when I first bought a nespresso machine and tried most of the samples you receive with it in rapid succession.