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Posted - 11 January 2017 20:18
Chances of him living to 78 are so-so tbf. He's a big unit, and I suspect his blood pressure isn't great.
Posted - 11 January 2017 20:30
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it's not the US anymore, in accordance with Trump business practice it is now Trumpland and you can have a piece of it and earn an income if you buy the Trumpland income secret book but that's not all, if you intrdouce 4 friends to the plan and they buy the income secret book then you get a slice of their sales, so long as you motivate them to bring more people into the trapezoid of Trumpland, definately trapezoid, not pyramid
Posted - 11 January 2017 21:25
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Were you the one who used to harp on with the "one time Barry" shout? Or "how dare we question the hardworking people of the intelligence community" before that?
Posted - 12 January 2017 10:03
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The day he won his odds of resignation/impeachment before the end of his first term were 6/1.

Now they're 11/10.
extremely worried
Posted - 12 January 2017 10:50
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The same poll that said Milliband would win, Brexit would lose and Hillary would win.
Perfidious Porpoise
Posted - 12 January 2017 11:00
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As much as I revel in this, Supes, let's remember what all the polls were saying before the election.
Posted - 12 January 2017 13:03
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Having seen some of that awful press conference, I suspect The American People (or the minority of them that voted for Trump) are finally starting to understand what they have let themselves in for. Trump is basically going to conduct his presidency, and certainly his press conferences, as if he's back doing The Apprentice.

Some presidents spend their life looking at approval ratings, this one's going to be obsessing over the viewing figures.
Posted - 12 January 2017 13:14
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You possibly have to wonder given the abuse Trump has come out with in respect of the intelligence services to what extent they are going to put there necks on the line, in a very dangerous job, to protect him. Assume the way he's been speaking about them that he intends to put his own personal security team in
extremely worried
Posted - 12 January 2017 13:24
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30 000 people attended trump's rallies, whereas Hillary could hardly fill a school gym with supporters.