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Barrister made "death threats" against law student
21 April 2017
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A barrister has been accused of making death threats against a law student and has been given a police warning for harassing another barrister.

When Jimmy Savile was unmasked as a pedophile, outspoken barrister Barbara Hewson called for the legal age of sexual consent to be lowered to 13 to end the "persecution of old men". Another barrister, Sarah Phillimore, disagreed and incurred Hewson's wrath. She told the Times that after "months" of harassment during which Hewson called her a Nazi and her supporters "sociopathic bunny boilers", she reported Hewson to the police. On 1 March they issued Hewson with a harassment warning.

In a separate complaint to the Bar Standards Board,  Nottingham university law student Mehul Desai claims that Hewson abused him over the phone when he refused to help her dig up "dirt" on Phillimore. Desai alleges that Hewson made death threats and sent him "a picture of my address, my ex-partner’s details and a picture of my daughter’s head". He said Hewson pestered him with phone calls so often he felt "frightened, alarmed, distressed and anxious" and was worried about functioning for his exams. Desai was already busy, juggling the early stages of his law degree with a custody battle for his daughter and setting up (and apparently subsequently mothballing) a legal advice business for parents in a similar situation.

  Phillimore, Hewson and Desai. We can tell you who won't fix it. 

After her brave defence of man-child love, Hewson left Hardwicke Chambers in a hurry. 1 Gray's Inn Square took her on, but is has now emerged that she has parted company with that set, too, for what it called "personal reasons". Hewson is now busy tweeting, writing in her profile space "#FalselyAccused #Victimhood #FalseMemory No time for rogues and fools obsessed with VIP paedos. Won't be bullied into silence".

The BSB declined to comment on any investigation into Hewson.


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Order By:
21/04/2017 11:17
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I wonder if it's all true? I suspect some is not. Let us see what is proven at the end of the day.
anonymous user
23/04/2017 22:30
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An excellent resource on Barbara Hewson's online antics is

They go into detail about Barbara's departure from Hardwicke.
24/04/2017 18:04
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Poor old Babs
25/04/2017 14:23
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When two women are in contention then much more than fur flies in the face and all over the place

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