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Hill Dickinson office defaced with obscene graffiti
17 March 2017
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Hill Dickinson has been defaced with disgraceful graffiti.

HD lawyers are being forced to repeatedly redact their own building after a wandering street artist sprayed "FUCK LAWYERS!" on the wall of the firm's Liverpool office. It is not known whether the culprit had a grudge against Hill Dickinson specifically or the entire profession. An insider claimed that other businesses in the area were also targeted, although employees at the nearby offices of DWF and Weightmans said they had been left untouched by Liverpool's blunt answer to Banksy.

  Read a certain way it is actually very pro-lawyer.

A source told RollOnFriday that the graffiti "will not come off as it's permeated into the sandstone".  Staff have been repeatedly sellotaping binbags over the offensive slogan, but "the covering keeps being taken down". 

  Nothing to see here. 

A spokeswoman for the firm said, “We are currently in the process of removing the graffiti and expect this to be completed by early next week”. With a whacking great chisel if necessary. It's not the first time a law firm's offices have been assaulted. Three years ago someone parked a protest wagon outside DLA which suggested its staff were "Negligent, Unethical Bastards". And Slaughter and May had to put up with a stripper van.


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