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Lawyers slam "farcical" judge application process
17 March 2017
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Lawyers trying to become recorders say they have been subjected to a "farcical" selection process plagued with computer glitches.

In February, over 2,500 lawyers applied for one of one hundred part-time judging roles. Unfortunately the Judicial Appointment Committee's website collapsed under the demand. In a boon for the chancers, slackers and no-hopers amongst the applicants, the JAC's response was to wave through all the applicants to the next round, instead of slicing off 40% as planned.

  Round 3 isn't looking great either 

Round two, which took place this week, was another monumental cock-up. Candidates were supposed to be sent an email at an allotted time attaching a scenario and questions which they had 70 minutes to complete. However, some candidates received their email between 20 and 45 minutes early. A proportion dived in straight away and therefore enjoyed extra time. Others waited for their scheduled start time, only to discover that the clock had begun ticking when, said one, "HAL at the JAC" prematurely sent the email. Others received the email late, and had to rush to complete the exercise before their time slot ended. 
It then transpired that the test scenario had been published on the JAC website in February as a mock paper. In a press release the JAC said the "material was removed immediately and it was quickly established that it had only been accessed by a small number of users". So that's alright then. A source said the process has been a "debacle". The news section of the JAC's website now contains no fewer than four separate apologies.

RollOnFriday asked the JAC if its IT nightmare was in fact a cunning plan to filter out all but the most honest and persistent applicants, like an online version of Gideon sifting out the soldiers who drank straight from the river like dogs. A spokeswoman said, "the JAC has published a statement on its website and has no further comment at this stage". Which isn't a no.
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