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Reed Smith partner in sweary Twitter rant
18 October 2013
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A partner at Reed Smith has attracted controversy by tweeting at someone to "go f*ck yourself and die".

Steven M. Regan is a real estate partner at the firm's Pittsburgh office. He seems to hold some strong views on the existence of climate change, and his tweet "No such thing as greenhouse gas. Carbon is necessary for life" got the wry response "intelligent life?". To which a furious Regan tweeted "Go f@ck yourself and die". He was told to calm down a little:


Realising that going completely batshit crazy online might be a career-limiting move, Regan deleted his Twitter account. But by then the damage was done and abovethelaw had splashed the tweet all over the web.

    Steven M. Regan yesterday

A spokeswoman for the firm told RollOnFriday that "the posting of offensive commentary or language on social media is inappropriate and inconsistent with Reed Smith’s social media policy. We are addressing this matter internally."


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anonymous user
18/10/2013 11:42
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Europe news?
anonymous user
18/10/2013 19:20
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I just hate the fact that anything is said that somebody else doesn't like is always called "inappropriate" now. It's just lazy as it saves them the trouble of explaining what was actually wrong with it. In this case "it was rude and it reflects badly on the firm that one of the partners acts like a c0ck in public".

The "thou shalt not say anything inappropriate" attitude is lazy and often associated with political correctness - it's not PC to deny climate change. But presumably that wasn't the objection.

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