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Exclusive - Bird & Bird partner in "slave" email autoreply
04 March 2011
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A partner at Bird & Bird's Paris office has set up his email up with the best autoreply RollOnFriday has seen in a long time.

Alain Gorny is head of the firm's Life Sciences department in France, and is responsible for this masterpiece:

From: Alain Gorny
Subject: Out of office

I am NOT travelling on business or similar: I am just taking my Friday OFF and will be your slave again on Monday.

Please kindly liaise with my wonderful Team.

Thank you for your understanding

Alain Gorny

    Alain Gorny relaxing at home on Friday 

A spokeswoman for Bird & Bird was out of the office.


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Order By:
22/05/2015 11:51
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Hubba and, indeed, hubba. Is that you, Laz?
anonymous user
22/05/2015 12:41
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Daily Mail is a publication that’s not exactly known to be the most reliable source. For Internet readers, Daily Mail is considered our guilty little pleasure, the digital equivalent of passing by tabloids at the grocery store. While many stories are just flat-out gossip-y, some are actually super damaging —in fact, the website has run into trouble with celebrities, and has faced multiple libel lawsuits.
anonymous user
22/05/2015 14:19
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As an internet reader myself, I might add that the Daily Mail (obv the print version) is also used as toilet paper as a last resort.

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