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Charles Russell April Fool of the Week

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01 April 2011 10:13

From: James Holder, Managing Partner Charles Russell
To: All Charles Russell Staff
1st April 2011

As some of you may be aware, my wife and I have been fortunate enough to receive an invitation from the Middletons, who are close neighbours, to the forthcoming royal wedding. I have been required to undergo the customary security vetting procedures, which extends not only to my family but also close work colleagues.

As a result of this, the firm can expect to be visited by security personnel engaged by the Royal Household at some point in the next week. I have been told this will be carried out anonymously. Whilst this is routine it would obviously be embarrassing for the firm if any issues arose. Please therefore be on best behaviour during that time, and keep your offices as neat and tidy as possible.

In particular:

- please dress as smartly as possible, in particular please could male members of staff wear ties at all times next week;

- if you see anyone you don't recognise, please be suitably co-operative and polite, holding open doors etc.;

- we will be placing "Kate and Wills" mugs and other memorabilia in kitchens, which we encourage you to use;

- we would ask that you refrain from any disparaging conversations concerning the monarchy over the next few days, especially Sarah Ferguson or Prince Andrew;

- a small number of staff may be detained for further questioning or asked to work from home but this should not cause any alarm and should not be discussed by others; and

- for the next few weeks we will be inserting an additional email footer in all external emails as follows: "The Partners and staff of Charles Russell wish Prince William and Catherine Middleton every reasonable prospect of success in their forthcoming marriage.".

Please scroll down to the bottom of this email to see how this will appear as a footer.

Many thanks.


PS.  April Fool!



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