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Legal press makes shock Cliff Richard claim

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30 July 2018 12:54

After Cliff Richard spent £3 million pursuing the BBC through the courts because it reported on something that actually did happen (a police raid on his home), you'd think the media would be really, really careful not to report on something that didn't.

So congratulations and jubilations to the Times, which threw caution to the wind reporting on the 77-year-old in its legal newsletter, The Brief, when it informed subscribers that "this month Mr Justice Mann backed the swinger in his claim over the BBC's coverage".


My heart goes out to the Times hack responsible. Typos happen. You check your newsletter, you press send, and then as the counter ticks past 3,000 deliveries you give it a cursory scan and realise with horror that you wrote "Shakin' Stevens is a prostitute" or "Lulu dogs". They shouldn't beat themselves up about it. However RollOnFriday would like to make it quite clear that Cliff Richard is definitely not a swinger, as far as we know.



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