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A (short) tale of two firms

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07 February 2018 16:26

Arriving just minutes apart in RollOnFriday's inbox come two screenshots illustrating the breadth of the legal world.

On the one hand, Hoole & Co. The firm's website advertises help with immigration and visa applications for "those whose first language is not English". It "isn't encouraging that they can't use apostrophes properly then", notes a tipster who is definitely a lawyer. "VISA's every time!".

Meanwhile, a metaphorcial world away another firm has built a helipad. Based outside Hull - sorry - in the Northern Riviera, Devne Law responded to high Loadsamoney demand by painting a big circle on the car park.

How noveau. How devine.


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anonymous user
09/02/2018 12:38
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The first option Devine's Insolvency Team should be identifying is the bus.