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Thank you Hogan Lovells (and Crosstown)

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15 December 2017 11:44

A big shout out to the PR team at Hogan Lovells for sending this large box of chocolates to ROF Towers:


The gift has been very gratefully received, even if it is a little funereal in appearance. In this season of giving, we await a horse's head from KWM.

For any other firms wanting free publicity, the ROF team also likes Royal Beluga caviar, first growth left bank wine and the new PS4 Pro.

While we're thanking people, Crosstown sent us a box of doughnuts, out of the blue, nine months ago. On the Friday of the delivery, the ROF team was out of the office at a "meeting" (boozy lunch), and so we didn't get to sample the delicious-looking doughnuts until Monday. By which point, they had gone stale. So we threw them in the bin. And we never thanked Crosstown. Sorry. Please do feel free to resend more doughnuts.

The unacknowledged letter, used to scribble down telephone notes (redacted) by thoughtless journalists



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anonymous user
05/01/2018 08:21
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"journalists" is pushing it a bit, no?