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Exclusive: Mystery man who unleashed "torrent of abuse" on commuter looks astonishingly like Linklaters lawyer

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11 January 2017 15:58

The man being sought by police for abusing a fellow commuter for one and a half hours after they asked him to turn down the volume of his phone looks astonishingly like a lawyer at Linklaters.

According to the British Transport Police, while travelling on the 9.35pm Virgin Trains service from London Kings Cross to Leeds last December a man unleashed a "torrent of abuse" on another passenger when they asked him to turn down the volume of his phone. The man "started verbally abusing the victim" and continued for "approximately 90 minutes". It left the victim feeling "uncomfortable and threatened".

The marathon rant was sufficiently serious that this week the British Transport Police launched an appeal to discover the perpetrator's identity. It released a photo of the furious commuter which was taken by another passenger and asked, "Do you know who he is?"

British Transport Police's Most Wanted   

RollOnFriday can exclusively reveal that the wanted man looks uncannily like Tom Longstaff, an associate at top City firm Linklaters.

 Tom Longstaff  

ULaw graduate Longstaff trained at DLA Piper and qualified into the firm two years ago before moving last October to Magic Circle firm Linklaters. According to sources, the litigation associate commutes to London from his home just outside Leeds, where he is also a parish councillor. An insider told RollOnFriday it "must have been a bad journey".

RollOnFriday contacted Longstaff but he referred the enquiry to Linklaters' PR team instead, and then wouldn't speak to them. Maybe it's his twin brother.

More on Friday.


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Order By:
11/01/2017 16:27
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Why can't these self-important people get a grip? We don't want to listen to their racket.
anonymous user
11/01/2017 16:30
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Yeah, you might want to be careful with this one. The implication in the article is potentially libellous. Better hope he is the person the police are looking for.
anonymous user
11/01/2017 17:36
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I'm guessing RoF is pretty up on defamation law and has spoken to the firm. And he is clearly the same person.
anonymous user
12/01/2017 11:59
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The article does say that ROF contacted Longstaff but he referred the enquiry to Linklaters PR and otherwise wouldn't speak to ROF. As opposed just saying "no, not me, I wasn't on that train. How funny."
anonymous user
13/01/2017 13:31
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The 0935 from Kings X stops a number of times -- Stevenage, Grantham, Doncaster, Wakefield -- so why weren't the police called to meet it if the abuse was that bad?