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Celebrities who look like solicitors. Does your firm have lookalikes as good as these?

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27 July 2015 10:45

"Lookalikes" is a current TV series which follows an agency specialising in doppelgangers. The quality of dead ringers on the show varies enormously: 

  Colin Farrell: convincing
   Clooney: identical except for the charisma, fortune and face.
   Rolf Harris: unfortunate.

RollOnFriday's face analysis dept came up with the following candidates who might stand a chance of getting on the agency's books for appearances at birthdays, bar mitzvahs and funerals:

Van Eecke, DLA Piper ...
  ... and a surreal Jim Carrey / Lady Gaga gif.

   Frans Rossen, Horten Law Firm ...
  ... and a terrifying Willem Dafoe.

   Ian Cranston, Ince & Co ...
   ... and "I'm Chevy Chase ... and you're not".

   Patrick Murphy, Clyde & Co...
  ... and All Rise for Lee Ryan of Blue.

   Martijn Wilder, Baker & McKenzie...
... and Gnasher waits for the postman.

   Angus McBride, Kingsley Napley ...
  ... and Max "are you staring at my pint?" Branning.

Admittedly the similarity of the last pairing is mainly based on them both being middle-aged men scowling at the camera. Still it beats the Clooney doppelganger.

Get in touch here if you know of a lookalike at your firm, or if you could pass for a sleb yourself. RollOnFriday might start an agency if the standard is high enough.  



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anonymous user
25/07/2015 08:43
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Lovely stuff RoF. Van Eecke and the Jim Carrey one is freaky accurate. That gif is quite hypnotic to watch...
anonymous user
26/07/2015 09:27
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Ian Cranston could definitely make it onto the Lookalikes programme. Much more convincing than the guy who plays Obama.
anonymous user
26/07/2015 20:40
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Haha! Brilliant
anonymous user
29/07/2015 19:26
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Here's another George Clooney lookalike: Canadian AlJazeera journo Mohammed Fahmy.
anonymous user
31/07/2015 11:29
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look up niel maybury on Setfords website, he is the spitting image of roy hodgeson. Far nearer than any of these. Also Hugh Mulley at the same firm looks like the fonz.
anonymous user
02/08/2015 18:22
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Does the Roger Federer dead ringer still work @ DLAP?
anonymous user
03/08/2015 11:53
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Cracking up :-)