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Exclusive: Top Paul Hastings lawyer disciplined over false CV

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02 October 2013 11:28

Dennis O'Riordan is a barrister and special consultant at Paul Hasting's London office. Before that he was a partner at the firm, and before that he was at all sorts of places.

Only it turns out that many of those places were, erm, fictional.

O'Riordan has just been suspended for three years by the Bar Tribunals and Disciplinary Service for lying on his CV about pretty much everything. O'Riordan claimed that he'd gone to Oxford (nope - the UEA), Harvard (nope), got a first (nope), was a Doctor of Philosophy (no), was a member of the New York Bar (no), a member of the Irish Bar (no) and an Eldon Scholar (no). He even lied about having schooled at Radley. Why would anyone want to pretend to have been to Radley?

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This is not only embarrassing for Paul Hastings. O'Riordan was an important guy who was general counsel at some big banks. All of whom appear to have done less than stellar due diligence.

Read more on Friday.


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anonymous user
02/10/2013 15:55
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Haha, I think I once heard him speak at a conference. Bit full of himself. It's Thomas, not Dennis, for those looking to Google said fellow.
03/10/2013 13:07
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Rather pleasing he has been found out as he was one of the reasons I left a particular institution. Couldn't quite believe he had been hired. A colleague (who had been to Oxford) realised that bit was fabricated but interesting the reinvention was so much more comprehensive. Re the name: actually he was Denis and then changed to use his middle name when he moved banks in the 90s. Sort of like Madonna reinventing a persona every few years. Nice to know my original gut feeling was right but yes, how lacking was the due diligence over the years...
anonymous user
07/10/2013 14:05
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Worked for him. Manipulative, occasionally charming, sometimes offensive. Always full of his own genius. Clearly had much to hide.
anonymous user
09/10/2013 12:56
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So what happens on all matters he has previously worked on a and charged clients for .. "claim" ?