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Blur, the Brits and the BlackBerry

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27 February 2012 11:42

It was the Brit Awards 2012 this week. The great and the good of the music industry filled the O2 to consume vast quantites of champagne and pat each other on the back for surviving another year.

It was a rather staid affair. Gone are the days of Jarvis' bum wiggling during Earth Song, Brandon Block's inebriated attempts to accept an award he hadn't not won and portly politicians being drenched in water. Instead 2012 brought us flame-haired Ed Sheeran singing an incredibly MOR song about a lego house, host James Corden looking very much like an over-earnest estate agent and Wand Erection dressed as if they were bound for a hair-dressing convention.

In amongst the dross, was Blur. That epic band that bestrode the music scene of the '90s like some kind of joyful, mockney colossus. But even the mighty Blur seem to have let the anodyne seep in. Not only did the ubiquitous, cheese-idiot Alex James look bored rigid throughout the performance, but drummer (and Kingsley Napley trainee solicitor) Dave Rowntree, couldn't tear himself away from his work emails long enough to pose for the cameras.

He'll go far, that trainee.




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anonymous user
24/02/2012 16:14
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In fact I was wrestling with my iphone camera to try and take a picture of the insane bank of photographers. I tweeted pictures of my day, from panic-buying of trousers in the morning, right through show, up until we played.

You can see them here:!/DaveRowntree

I didn’t get it working again until here:

by which time they didn’t look quite so insane...

David x
anonymous user
01/03/2012 18:53
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Dave did I just see you on Bishopsgate?'